We Support Voting, Reproductive and Immigrant Rights

Our Rights are at Risk!

The current conservative party is putting too many of our rights at risk. They are whittling away at our right to vote, our right to control our own bodies, and the ability for immigrants to legally file for asylum in the United States.

Republican governors are following the past history of the Citizens' Council by shipping immigrants to other states without telling them why or where they are going. Senators and Congress people want to make abortion illegal in all instances, even if it jeopardizes the health of the mother or if the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest. Voting rights are being taken away by closing voting locations, restricting absentee balloting, and sending bogus "election police" to voting places to intimidate voters. We seem to be moving backwards in time!!


We can't tell you how to vote, and we may not be able to individually stop these practices, but we can ask you to wear one of our t-shirts if you agree that these practices need to stop. Help spread the message that you stand against these egregious practices. 

Make a statement with our Voting RightsReproductive Rights and Different People Everywhere t-shirts. There are also women's tank top versions of the Reproductive Rights and Different People Everywhere statements.


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