February is Black History Month...and Black History IS World History!

Black History is World History     February is Black History Month…and we have a story to tell.     Celebrate Black History Every Day

It is the story of a people. A people who came from Africa and who have expanded throughout the world. It is his story. It is her story. It is our story. It is Black History.

And we at We Teach What Is Not Being Taught want everyone to know the story of our people because Black History IS World History. Our products help tell that story in three ways:

  • Learn  - we want everyone to learn the legacy of our ancestors and how they endured the challenges they experienced; from those you may know to those you may not have heard of.


  • Teach  - we want you to share and spread the knowledge, because knowledge gained is nothing if it is not disseminated; let others learn what you have learned.


  • Celebrate  - while there are others who want to limit the teaching of Black History, calling it “irrelevant”, we want everyone to embrace and celebrate our legacy; we will use every occasion to promote it, in February and every day.

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Everyone should sign the petition at Daily Kos to protest DeSantis preventing the teaching of African studies: https://m.dailykos.com/campaigns/forms/sign-the-petition-to-congress-push-back-against-state-attempts-to-ban-black-history-2?detail=emailaction?one_click_ab_redirect=true&ab_page_name=dkll2023&ab_refcode=20230124OGAAHA&widget_style=1.

Shiryl L Dean

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