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Welcome to We Teach What Is Not Being Taught!

Hello, and thank you for visiting our site! You may be wondering, "Why did we name our company We Teach What Is Not Being Taught?"

If you are an avid news watcher (like we are), you've probably heard stories about voter suppression, book banning, critical race theory and other disturbing stories that appear to be turning the clock back on the civil rights gains made in the United States. Some states are making it illegal to teach certain subjects in school, especially if those subjects pertain to African American history.

We created this site as our way for people to stay in touch with their history and publicize it for others to see. While others may be looking for ways to keep our history from being taught, our unique t-shirts include Black historical figures from all over the world on the front, with historical information and quotes pertaining to that person on the back, that you can wear anywhere to spread the message to others who may not know anything about that history You will in effect be teaching what is not being taught.

We will also be expanding our products to include inspirational-themed shirts, African-themed holidays and topics, and in the future, other types of products.

Our shirts in real life

Here is what our t-shirts look like on real people... 

Take a look at all of our products!

Customized bulk orders

We are now offering customized t-shirts for bulk ordering.

With summer approaching and people finally getting back together after the pandemic, you may be thinking about family reunions, bridal showers and other events where a customized t-shirt might be a cool gift for the attendees. We can fulfill these orders for you.

We can offer a design based on your specifications, or you can send us your design for us to put on the shirt of your choice. Use the Contact Us link to get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs.

Thank you and come back soon!

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